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Dear [Prospective Sponsor],


In the heart of Victoria Park, Niagara Falls – Canada, on July 12-13, 2024, the Nikola Tesla Day Festival will come alive with the vibrant theme of “Tesla’s Electric Circuit.” This year, we embark on a journey to celebrate the genius of Nikola Tesla, a visionary who harnessed the power of Niagara Falls to illuminate the world. Our campaign is a celebration and a call to action, an invitation to create a global circuit that fosters innovation, progress, interconnectedness, and green energy to save our planet.

Imagine a world where borders fade, and humanity stands hand in hand, forming an electrifying circuit that spans the globe. Inspired by Tesla’s revolutionary contributions to electricity and technology, we aim to weave a narrative of unity, collaboration, and a shared commitment to the planet’s well-being.

Tesla’s vision laid the foundation for modern life, and now it’s our turn to connect the threads of this shared legacy. Our “Tesla’s Electric Circuit” campaign asks a simple yet profound question: “Are you in?” This invites individuals, companies, and organizations from every corner of the world to join a global movement for positive change. The power of unity can spark innovation and pave the way for a brighter, sustainable future.

Participating in “Tesla’s Electric Circuit” makes you a vital part of a worldwide community committed to collaboration, progress, and understanding.

Join the movement, embrace the spark, and proudly declare: “I’m in!” By becoming a sponsor for the Nikola Tesla Day Festival, your company or organization will be at the forefront of a global symphony of innovation and progress. Your support will contribute to the success of an event that not only honours the legacy of Nikola Tesla but also propels us toward a sustainable and interconnected future.

So, is your company or organization ready to be a beacon of positive change? Are you prepared to declare, “We’re in!”?

Let’s create history together, one illuminated step at a time, as we celebrate Tesla’s Electric Circuit in Niagara Falls, Canada.


Best regards,

Nikola Tesla Day Festival Organizing Committee!

Cosmic Sponsorship – $125,000 (1 Available)

  • Exclusive Title Sponsorship: Be the “Official Title Cosmic Sponsor” of both the Tesla Conference and Tesla Day event, gaining premier visibility.
  • Sky-High Visibility Drone Showcase: Your logo is artistically displayed with drones above Niagara Falls, a highlight spectacle lighting up the evening of the festival.
  • Comprehensive Brand Exposure: Prime logo placement across all marketing channels—digital, print, and on-site signage, ensuring top-tier visibility.
  • Media Highlight: Featured acknowledgment in press releases and media interactions as the event’s pinnacle sponsor.
  • Engagement Opportunity: Host an interactive branded booth or exhibit, plus the option for a keynote address, aligning your brand with innovation and thought leadership.
  • Exclusive Access: Five VIP tickets for unparalleled access to hospitality and networking opportunities with leading scientific and entrepreneurial thought leaders at the historic power station.


Technology Showcase Sponsorship – $50,000 (3 Available)

  • Innovation Front: Sponsor the cutting-edge Technology Showcase, highlighting your brand’s commitment to innovation.
  • Interactive Branding: Opportunity to captivate attendees with a branded booth or exhibit space, showcasing your latest products and technologies.
  • Strategic Visibility: Logo prominently featured in all Technology Showcase promotions and event-wide marketing materials.
  • Event Recognition: Special mention during opening and closing ceremonies, aligning your brand with key moments.
  • VIP Experience: Three VIP tickets for exclusive hospitality benefits and networking opportunities.

Educational Workshop Sponsorship – $30,000 (4 Available)

  • Educational Leadership: Champion the Educational Workshops and Seminars, showcasing your brand’s dedication to knowledge sharing and innovation.
  • Speaker Slots: Opportunity to nominate speakers or presenters, positioning your brand as a thought leader.
  • Targeted Branding: Logo visibility on all educational content, signage, and promotional materials, both digital and print.
  • Data Engagement: Access to attendee information for strategic follow-up and relationship building.
  • Hospitality Access: Two VIP tickets for premium hospitality experiences and networking.

Green Energy Sponsorship – $15,000 (3 Available)

  • Eco-Focused Visibility: Lead the Green Energy initiative, highlighting your brand’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Digital and Live Stream Presence: Logo featured across digital marketing channels and during the live stream, reaching a global audience.
  • Content Collaboration: Opportunity to contribute branded content or messages, enhancing engagement.
  • Social Prominence: Regular shout-outs and mentions across social media platforms, amplifying reach.
  • VIP Inclusion: Two VIP tickets for exclusive access and hospitality benefits.

Community Engagement Sponsorship – $10,000 (5 Available)

  • Community Connection: Spearhead community engagement efforts with interactive workshops and exhibits under your brand’s banner.
  • Branded Interactions: Host a branded activity station, directly engaging with attendees and creating memorable experiences.
  • Broad Visibility: Logo placement across various promotional outlets, ensuring widespread recognition.
  • Gratitude Acknowledgment: Featured in post-event appreciation communications, cementing community goodwill.

Local Business Showcases – $2,000 (15 Available)

  • Local Spotlight: Elevate your brand’s presence at the heart of the community with a dedicated showcase booth.
  • Event-Wide Recognition: Logo featured on the event website and in select promotional materials.
  • Networking Access: Gain direct access to attendee contact information for targeted follow-up and business opportunities.

Small Business Support – $1,000 (20 Available)

  • Small Business Champion: Support the event while highlighting your products and services in a dedicated area.
  • Digital Visibility: Logo presence on the event website and selected marketing materials, enhancing brand recognition.

Science & Friends – $500 (30 Available)

  • Community Science Advocate: Align your brand with the spirit of exploration and discovery.
  • Online Recognition: Logo placement on the event’s official website and promotional materials, showcasing your support.

Sponsorship Opportunities Contract 2024

Sponsorship Opportunities Contract

Check should be made payable to:

Nikola Tesla Day Festival

Please mail a check to:
Nikola Tesla Day Festival
6205 Belaire Ave,
Niagara Falls, Ontario
L2H 1V1

E-transfer should be sent on email:


Direct Deposit

TD Canada Trust
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Formats for Ad & Logo:

For logo art, JPEG, PDF, TIFF or EPS formats are acceptable. The file should be 300 dpi with a height/width or width/height document size of no less than 2"x 4" (600 x 1200 pixels). Ads and logos should be saved as a (Press Quality) or (High-Quality Print) 300 dpi PDF file. Please use high-resolution logos and art (300 dpi) in your ads.

Logo, Ad and Contact Information:

Please email your ad and logo to: nikolatesladayfestival@gmail.com no later than May 31, 2024. Please include your sponsorship level. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Borislav Zivkovic at 905-321 8201.